The Only Places You Must Visit If You Intend to Buy Bitcoin While You Are in Canada


 You have probably noticed that bitcoin has been in the media a lot lately and there is a simple explanation for that. People are just really interested in this digital currency and more and more people get involved every day even though they can’t see, touch or print bitcoins. After you have settled on the perfect bitcoin wallet, it is then time for you to buy bitcoins. This used to be more of a challenge, but luckily for you more and more brokers are popping up every day and in this article we will introduce you to some of our favorite places where you can go and buy bitcoin in Canada.


Satoshi counter

This is a great place to go to, especially if you live in Canada because if you are anywhere near Montreal, you will have the option to go in store and purchase bitcoins in person, or if that’s too much trouble you can still do it online. Something that is great about this company is that it allows customers to buy very large sums of bitcoins, up to $1million dollars’ worth, although this process does take some extra verification. Apart from the great bonus of giving you the option to purchase large amounts of bitcoins, another great thing about Satoshi counter is that it is a very reliable broker that is highly trusted and is run by the bitcoin embassy in Montreal. Probably the only drawback of this broker is that even the smallest amounts require identity verification, which means that there isn’t any privacy.

bitcoin explained



This is a great broker to use if you are in Canada because it is a Canadian Bitcoin broker, as well as an ATM operator. Using this broker you will be able to buy bitcoin using Flexepin at thousands of different locations all over Canada and you can also purchase bitcoin using cash at on the ATMs that the company has set up. This company is funded by the Government of Canada, which makes it a very reliable and trusted source of bitcoins. Something that is great about this company is that if you are only interested in making smaller transactions, no ID verification is necessary which is good for privacy. However, the privacy goes down when you are interested in larger transactions, because they do require ID verification, and probably the biggest con is the fact that the transaction fees start at 10%.

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Wall of Coins

This company actually provides an escrow service that makes it very easy for you to purchase bitcoins using only a cash deposit and you can do this in a bunch of different places, some of which are Canada, the US, the UK, Brazil, Argentina, Austria, Poland, the Philippines, Latvia, Germany, Mexico and Romania. This company has a lot of things that make it great. One of those things is the fact that they offer very low fees, another is that it is a very easy to purchase bitcoins using this service which makes it great for beginners and also it is great when it comes to privacy because all that is required of you in terms of verification is a phone number. While 12 countries is not too shabby or a number, some people see this is a big drawback. Something else that can be considered a drawback is the fact that it can be very hard to find sellers that are offering high volumes of bitcoins.


As you can see, there are some great options when it comes to the purchasing of bitcoins and it seems that the best place in world for good bitcoin options is, in fact, Canada. Make sure to look through these companies and see which one you think has the right conditions for you and go ahead and buy bitcoin.